Jump Manual Review – Is It A Scam?

Posted by admin on June 2, 2015

Jump Manual Review

If you love playing basketball and think it is a simple cool game where they enter the court and sweat it out then just sign souvenirs and party after, this is not the life of an athlete according to jump manual. Professional players spend most of their time training how to shoot, dribble, run, and jump. They also engage in team practice for offense and defence play. Jumping is one of the essentials in playing basketball and anyone who plays the sport also finds this ability very important. The thing with jumping is that it is not simply about having the height. Sometimes taller people find it harder to jump higher because they are heavier. Being able to jump high means having an advantage in shooting the ball and avoiding the blocks of the opposing team. One of the loudest products in the market that helps people achieve a higher vertical jump is the jump manual. This is developed by Jacob Hiller.

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Before the release of Jump Manual, Hiller worked as a trainer for vertical jumping and quickness of several NBA and Olympic players. He created this product in order to help more people who are not yet professional athletes but would want to improve their personal abilities.

What is Jump Manual?

The training jump manual is made up of 15 sections that aim to train people to be quicker and to jump higher – which is about an additional 10 inches. Some of the chapters include a discussion of the laws on how to achieve higher vertical jump, explanation of the max explosion workout, and the essential variables for achieving higher vertical jump. It also provides topic to allow a person to move quicker. It runs for 12 weeks and promises to improve quickness and vertical height dramatically in a shorter period.


Being one of the most sought after product, jump manual presents a lot of advantages. First of all, the exercise routines included in the package will not require you to go to the gym every day. You do not have to sign a gym membership and engage in exercises that will waste your energy and effort. Not all gym exercises are good for improving vertical jump and Hiller’s manual only focuses on the essentials. Another advantage is that it offers an easy to use and follow meal plan. It gives you an insight of the proper food to consume so that your bones and muscles will heal and develop properly. It also provides you with a workout chart so that you can properly monitor your progress throughout the training. Another advantage of the jump manual product is that it ensures that you will be able to perform every routine safely because it provides videos. This product is highly effective because it focuses on the nine facets that we need to consider for increasing the vertical jump. These facets are: neurological recruitment, conditioning and heredity, strength, flexibility, quickness, stability and balance, body composition, form, and fuel. The training will also teach the users to improve their abilities in offense and defence by using a higher vertical jump in rebounding and blocking shots. Hiller also offers a trial period for 21 days if you are willing to pay $1. In addition, the greatest advantage of the product is that Hiller offers a one-on-one coaching for your additional individual needs. These wonderful things are in the jump manual package and all-in-all it comes with the confident 60 day full money back guarantee for consumer protection.


This jump manual product also presents realistic and minor disadvantage. First of all, there is a precaution on the use of the product despite the fact that it targets non-athletes. The product is limited for the use of physically healthy people. This is because the product follows developing an explosive response to achieve higher vertical jump. This means plenty of straining exercises that may be dangerous for some people. Those who suffer from heart and lung problems or those with previous bone fractures may need to clear it first with their physician before using the jump manual product.

The next disadvantage of the jump manual product is that some of the videos are presented in low quality because of too many copies, reformatting, and downloading that could alter the video. This is irritating and disappointing at times especially for visual learners.

Jump Manual Conclusion

For final words, this jump manual product is an actual must-try. It allows you to save time and money in so many ways. It is backed-up by scientific studies and researches plus the methods used are tested and proven for long years by professional players and program developers. It presents the most comprehensive explanation and guide for achieving a higher vertical jump. If you weigh these pros to the consequences, it is heavier and it makes this product better than others presented in the market. You can safely achieve a higher vertical jump with jump manual and become quicker when reacting in the court.

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